Address:360 West Main Street
Trappe, PA 19426

Administrative Overview

Excalibur Enterprises, LTD

  • Assist in Minimizing Burden of Board Members.
  • Maintain a Dedicated Community Webpage through
    • Post approved information for the Community
    • Provide Association Documents for Homeowner Download
    • Provide Community forms for Download
    • Community Calendar
    • Community Newsletter
  • Review Fire, Liability, and any applicable Insurance Policies.
  • Review Association's Governing Documents Including Declaration, By-laws, Amendments, Rules and Regulations, and Fine Structure
  • Advise and Guide Association Board on Establishing Amendments, Policies and Rules and Regulations.
  • Communicate to Board a Cost-Effective, Proactive Approach Towards Property Management.
  • Attend Board Meetings and prepare comprehensive Meeting Minutes.
  • Prepare and Mail Notices, Proxies, Ballots and Agendas.
  • Maintain All Association Records and Handle All Board and Homeowner Correspondences, including:
    • General Homeowner Correspondence
    • Email Communication (Correspondence and Document Delivery)
    • Newsletter Coordination and Sending
    • Meeting Notices
    • Special Mailings and Notices
    • Vendor Correspondence
    • Legal Correspondence
    • Accountant Correspondence
  • Record and Maintain Information Containing Names and Phone Numbers of Homeowners
  • Home Re-Sale Coordination
    • Prepare provisional and final 3407/5407 resale certificates as provided by law
    • Correspond with real estate agent, title company, and mortgage company, providing documents requested timely to ensure a successful transaction