Your HOA or Condominium Association Management Company

Excalibur Enterprises Services

Administrative Overview

  • Working directly with the Board to maximize how our service can assist;
  • Maintain a dedicated webpage through with relevant information for your community;
  • Establish, review, and maintain insurance administration;
  • Establish, review, and maintain Association’s Governing Documents including Declaration, By-laws, Amendments, Rules and Regulations, Fine Structures, and other policies as needed;
  • Prepare necessary material for and attend Board Meetings and distribute comprehensive Meeting Minutes in a timely manner;
  • Maintain all Association records and handle all Board and Homeowner correspondences, including:
    • General homeowner correspondence via US and electronic mail including Newsletters, Meeting Notices, Vendor correspondence, Notices, Legal and Accountant correspondence. 
  • Home re-sale coordination which includes necessary forms and realtor, title and mortgage company’s communications; 
  • Establish, review and maintain all vendor contracts. 
  • On-site property inspections to maintain community standards, preventative maintenance, and enforce compliance with violations.
  • Review, prepare, and maintain delinquency and other violations;
  • Distribution of keys, fobs, payment booklets, and other materials as needed for your community; 
  • Communication with the township or borough, when needed, to ensure proper clearances and other relevant information are on file. 
  • Many other services are afforded to our communities and we are open to working with you to ensure that your needs are met in a meaningful way.

Financial Overview

  • Open bank accounts in Association’s name;
  • Enforce delinquency collection procedures;
  • Prepare monthly financial statements such as:
    • Balance Sheet;
    • Check Register;
    • Profit and Loss;
    • General Ledger;
    • Income Statement; and
    • Year-to-Date Comparison.
  • Bank account reconciliation;
  • Payment of bills authorized by Board;
  • Manage Funding Reserve account;
  • Review utility bills and monthly expenses;
  • Review and/or prepare annual budget;
  • Maintain all Association records;
  • Work with Association’s accountant to prepare any necessary forms for IRS.

Service Rates

Our rates are tailored to the services that best fit and are needed for the success of your Association. Every Association has a rate that is customized to reflect the services provided for your individual needs helping reduce monthly costs. 

We are more than happy to come to a Board meeting and “get to know you,” as well as provide any additional information regarding our company. 

Please contact our office for further inquiries.