Your HOA or Condominium Association

Management Company

We are a full-service Homeowners Association management company specializing in handling a variety of communities and providing a superior level of customer service in everything we do.

Not every community is built the same. In understanding the individuality in each community, Excalibur Enterprises, Ltd., creates a management plan that works best for you. Then, as our mission to make that plan work, we implement a personal level of service that we feel is superior. From financial to administrative services, our experienced team of managers works diligently to fulfill that mission of superior service so your community and your Board run smoothly year-round. Additionally, our team works closely with your vendors to maintain your facilities and common areas to the highest level of your community’s standards.

Our team feels pride in the way we cultivate longstanding relationships with our clients.  Excalibur Enterprises, Ltd,  welcomes being open to change as we continually meet the needs of our communities for the enrichment of our community residents.

Finally, meeting these needs efficiently, professionally, and with a personal touch allows your community to flourish. We want to give you and your residents the enriching lifestyle they deserve!

Our offices will handle all correspondence with homeowners and Board members. Any communication with the townships, boroughs, or other local government agencies as needed shall be through our office. We will contact vendors for bids, contracts, and scheduling for necessary work to be performed. We ensure all residents have the most up-to-date information available to them when updates are made to the governing documents. Additionally, any violation letters, delinquency letters, and follow-ups will be handled by our office.

Your community manager will maintain bank activity reports, operating statements, expense detail reports, and compare monthly expenses to annual operating budgets. Our offices maintain banking accounts for your association, including checking, savings, and certificate of deposits. After approval of submitted invoices, we manage all deposits from residents and payments to vendors. We can collaborate with your accountant to help formulate a budget. We also issue letters of collection for delinquencies. 

Vantaca unites your community and empowers your community to run in real-time.

Vantaca’s Community Management Performance software connects associations, Board members, homeowners, and vendors at every touchpoint. This tool enables Excalibur Enterprises, Ltd., to automate processes and communicate optimally with your community. Work Orders, Violations, Proposal Requests, collections, and communications are all assigned a unique number for tracking to ensure proper follow up as well as allow the Board to review progress notes related to the various matters.

Homeowners have access to their accounts, transaction history, communication archive, payment features, and association documents.

Vantaca provides a fully-integrated, password-protected Board members’ portal and owners’ portal for your association. This provides greater transparency, more efficiency, and control over the processes within your community, and potential cost savings to your association (such as reducing the use of paper and envelopes, postage, etc.)  Homeowners have access to their accounts, transaction history, communication archive, payment features, and association documents.

Board members have real time access to work orders, violations, homeowner accounts, association bank accounts, and the ability to review historical data such as vendor invoices, payments issued, and other reports important to the effective management of your association.

Our general services include attending monthly Board meetings in person or via Zoom video conferencing, obtaining competitive bids from contractors, maintaining all homeowner documents, establishing and enforcing delinquency procedures, coordinating activity with local Borough/Township officials, preparing Petitions for Candidacy and Ballots for Elections, Annual Meetings, preparing periodic newsletters along with any other necessary management services for the smooth operation of your association. 

Homeowner and Condominium Management

Our purpose is to relieve the Board of Directors of any mundane activities such as the preparation of monthly financial statements and reports, debt collection, banking, and other general services.

We are more than willing to attend a Board meeting as a way to “get to know you,” as well as answer any questions and provide additional information regarding how we may be able to serve your Association.

My HOA Login

Our site features the HOA login feature to let our residents download their monthly reports and other necessary paperwork. This also makes it convenient for Board members to have 24/7 access to their documents from any computer with an internet connection. It is just one of the many things we do to make life a little easier for our communities.