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How We Can Help

Your HOA or Condominium Association Management Company

Phoenixville PA HOA Management
How can our services help your association? As stated earlier, our purpose is to take over from the Board of Directors all of the everyday activities that are required. Below is an overview of our services.

1. Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements

Our staff prepares bank activity reports, operating statements, expense detail reports and compares monthly expenses to annual operating budgets for each association.

2. Preparation of Monthly Reports

Each month, we prepare an agenda for the Board of Directors meeting, provide type written minutes from the Board meeting, provide reports regarding association member delinquencies and maintain homeowner computerized ledger accounts.

3. Correspondence

Our offices will handle all correspondence with homeowners, Board members and contractors. We also issue letters of collection for delinquencies in accordance with Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

4. Banking

Our offices maintain a separate banking accounts for each association, including checking, savings and certificate of deposits. We make all deposits and make out checks to be signed by the duly appointed authorized signatories after approval of submitted invoices.

5. General Services

In addition to the above we attend monthly Board meetings (in our conference room or offsite location if necessary), work with your accountant and attorney, help formulate a budget, obtain competitive bids from contractors, print and distribute all coupon booklets for monthly assessments, maintain all homeowner documents, retrieve mail from a local P.O. Box (if one is available), establish and enforce delinquency procedures, help formulate Rules and Regulations or amendments thereto, as well as as make suggestions on any possible amendments to the association's By-Laws or Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, coordinate activity with local Borough/Township officials, prepare Petitions for Candidacy and Ballots for Annual Meetings, prepare periodic newsletters and any other necessary management services for the smooth operation of your association.